Industrial Automation


Ensuring IEC 61508 Compliance

Embedded software is increasingly used within industrial automation, as processes become more complex and vendors differentiate commodity devices and improve safety. New systems in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), security and industrial process control may all have a functional safety element affecting their embedded software. The costs of software failure in the field, brand reputation and even loss of life; together with increasing adoption of international standards are driving industry leaders to improve safety-critical software quality.

 Industrial automation standards

 IEC 61508:2010, Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems, is an international standard widely used in Industrial Automation (and other sectors). The IEC 61508 standard also requires use of coding standards, such as MISRA and CERT.</p? 

To find out more about this, and other standards relevant to industrial automation, please select from the list below.

IEC 61508

Functional Safety of Electrical/ Electronic/ Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems


Guidelines for the use of the C/C++ languages in critical systems


Secure Coding Standard

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