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Automated coding standards compliance

C/C++ Static Code Analysis to Accelerate Standards Compliance & Quality Insights

Through static code analysis with QA-MISRA, dangerous structures as well as problems with security, maintenance and porting can easily be found at an early stage. The earlier software errors are identified and eliminated in the development process, the more your costs are reduced. QA-MISRA checks for over 900 potential software errors in source code.

  • Fast Analysis of C/C++ Code
    QA-MISRA analyses software packages very quickly, regardless of the size of the codebase. QA-MISRA also focuses on coding standards compliance and code quality insights. This makes the analyzer very quick to run.
  • Accurate standards compliance
    QA-MISRA checks code for compliance with zero false negatives and zero false positives on syntactic coding rules.
  • Improve source code quality
    HIS and other code quality metrics with threshold checks. Call graphs and C++ class diagrams visualise code quality.


  • MISRA C 2012
    C coding guidelines, including Amendments 1 & 2
  • MISRA C++ 2008
    C++ Coding Guidelines
  • AUTOSAR C++14
    C++ for Adaptive Autosar
  • HIS Metrics
    Hersteller Initiative Software
  • JSF AV C++
    C++ coding standard for JSF (F-35 aircraft program)
  • CERT C/C++ 2016
    C/C++ Coding Guidelines
  • CWE 4.7
    Common Weakness Enumeration
  • ISO TS 17961:2013
    C Secure Coding Rules


Coding Standards Compliance

Coding Standards Compliance
Check your C/C++ source code for compliance with internationally recognised coding guidelines and rules.​

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Metrics & Visualisations

Metrics & Visualisations

QA-MISRA provides quality insights through metrics and visualisations to understand your code better.

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Why invest in QA-MISRA?

Industry leaders use QA-MISRA to accelerate analysis times and standards compliance, and increase confidence by reducing errors in syntactic coding rules and improving source code quality.

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QA Systems static analysis and software testing tools support verification in the linear flow of software development below. We recommend applying sequential approach to these verification stages with tools that are designed and targeted for each purpose.

Flow process QA-MISRA
  • COMPLY     > Use QA-MISRA for fast coding standard compliance at the developer’s desktop first.
  • TEST           > Use Cantata for automated dynamic execution of the standard compliant software.
  • ANALYZE   > Use Astrée for proving absence of run-time errors on whole application.
    NB: Astrée uses the same configuration as QA-MISRA, so the effort to apply it later to a QA-MISRA project later is low.

Special shared license bundle option

QA-MISRA and Cantata share the same Sentinel RMS user license technology. This allows customers to obtain a bundled solution for both tools to share the same concurrent user license pool, as well as the tools being integrated together in the Eclipse based IDE.

When QA-MISRA is purchased as a bundle with Cantata or when an existing Cantata license is converted to a bundle, there are very attractive combined prices available. Please contact us for more information.


International software safety standards require evidence of coding standards compliance to obtain certification for the device software

In addition, most standards require that verification tools used are certified / qualified or proven through use.
QA-MISRA has been independently certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR GmbH for the main software safety standards.

A QA-MISRA tool certification kit is provided free of charge and contains everything needed out-of-the-box to help you achieve certification for your device software.

Automatic tool qualification of QA-MISRA is also available with a tool Qualification Support Kit (QSK)

QA MISRA 22.04 SGS TUV Certificate


International software safety standards require evidence of coding standards compliance to obtain certification for the device software. For further information about each standard please see the links below:

ISO 26262

Road vehicles – Functional safety

IEC 60880

Nuclear Power Plants –  Software Aspects for Computer-Based Systems (Safety Category A)

IEC 62304

Medical device software – software life cycle processes

IEC 61508

Functional Safety of Electrical/ Electronic/ Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems

EN 50128/50657

Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems & Software on board rolling stock


Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification


Automotive – SPICE

ISO/IEC 15504 Information technology — Process assessment


Guidelines for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems Software Integrity Assurance.


Space Engineering: Software

Def Stan 00-55

UK Requirements for Safety Related Software in Defence Equipment


US Military-Standard-498 Software Development and Documentation.

NASA 8719.13C

NASA Technical Standard: Software Safety Standard

Why buy from QA Systems

  • A reliable testing vendor for 25 years
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