Aerospace & Defence


Ensuring DO-178
software compliance

Aerospace & Defence


Ensuring DO-178
software compliance

Whether it is civil avionics, military or space systems, the Aerospace and Defence sectors are characterized by complex embedded systems, developed for devices requiring the highest software reliability and incredibly long service periods. These systems often take years to bring to certification, and typically involve multi-tiered supply chains and multi-platform development environments. With such a rigorous approach to software reliability arising from the safety considerations of passengers, military personnel and the sheer financial cost of device failure, combined with system and development complexity, it is not surprising that international standards play a crucial role in software development.

Aerospace and defence standards

Specialised standards in the aerospace and defence sectors cover the development, validation and verification of software. As well as requiring use of coding standards, such as MISRA and CERT.

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QA Systems testing tools

QA Systems enables organisations to accelerate safety standards compliance with automated static analysis and software testing tools:

“With the requirement of the highest safety standard and level in our automotive project, Cantata met and achieved the requirement and significantly contributed to our project success and customer satisfaction.”

Pham Hong Son, Manager for Consulting Services, Hitachi Vantara

“Wrapping and custom code insertion capabilities in Cantata were a major benefit in achieving full code coverage of the harder to reach areas of defensive programming.”

Nir Erez, Director of LiDAR Software, Innoviz Technologies

“Cantata has proved successful and increased unit testing efficiency. Cantata from QA Systems offers an ideal solution for the creation and execution of unit and integration tests, including coverage analysis.”

Bosch Engineering GmbH

“Cantata was chosen to do this because it gave all the functionality needed to test to the IEC 61508 SIL 1 standard!”

The Highways Agency